Educational Summit – Neurological Infections, Mental Illness & Suicide Prevention


D. Leo Shea III

My sincerest thanks to an amazing faculty and volunteers for their participation in the Educational Summit on Neurological Tick Infections Mental Illness & Suicide Prevention.   It wasn’t without hiccups, but the feedback was great.

Videos will follow, but for now, here are the medical presentation slide decks.



Impact of Infections on the Brain – Dr. Robert Bransfield

Relationship Between Tick Infections and Pediatric Psychiatric Disordes -Dr. Rosalie Greenberg Presentation

Lyme Disease Misdiagnosis – Neuropsychology & Treatment- Dr. Leo Shea

BARTONELLA – Dr. Lesley Fein

The Diagnostic Challenges – Dr. Armin Schwarzbach

Dr. Lesely Fein

Co-Master of Ceremonies, William Spear