About Linda


I’m am one of the millions of people whose lives have been destroyed by insect vectored infectious disease — MSIDS (Multiple systemic infectious disease syndrome). This is more commonly referred to as Lyme. Like so  many, I was mis-diagnosed for decades and passed my illness to my only child during pregnancy.

The focus of my work is raising awareness about the link between MSIDS and mental illness leading to suicide.  As this epidemic continues to spiral out of control, the rate of suicide will rise.  I am especially fearful for our youth.  Young children are at great risk.  Pediatricians and parents must be prepared to respond as more children progress to late stage infection due to misdiagnosis.

In addition, I strive to reduce the stigma of using marijuana to manage the symptoms of this monstrous illness.  “Chronicles of a Chronically Ill Jersey Girl” is an honest, revealing examination of surviving neurological Lyme and the ensuing madness.