David Skidmore – Cartoonist

No Lyme for LymeMy name is David Skidmore. I could tell you a long story about how I ran into the wrong tick and the right place, but I will simply say, that I have had Lyme disease going on nine years, and if like most people you don’t know much about Lyme other than getting a couple of pills and you’re like knew…remember this, what ever you thought you knew about Lyme is most probably wrong.

One of the many things that people don’t know is that the tests that are relied on for the detection of Lyme are upwards of 67% wrong, you do the math.

After running from doctor to doctor for almost two years, one doctor in NYC looked at me, my charts and said” have you ever been bitten by a tick”

The answer would be yes, and unlike many, I had the tick and the bulls eye rash. I took the 20-21 days’ of Doxy and thought, “ I’m good to go!”…far from the case.

Aside from the arthritic condition with all the body pain from neuropathy, these little creatures made it up to my Central Nervous Center, not good for thinking.

As two years had passed, I saw a Lyme cartoon, it happened to be one of my favorite cartoonists, I started to play around with some my self at which point I sent John MacPherson a couple…hes said, “man, what are you waiting for, you have to get these out there. I knew at the time nothing about Twitter or any of the Social Media stuff, but quickly got a grasp of Twitter at which point I started to put them out there in the Lyme community, the Tweets, Re-Tweets we’re pouring in, that was the start of Lyme loonies.

The name by which came from a story a Mary Beth Pfeiffer wrote about some documents that had been discovered, one was from a very prominent Doctor who headed up the Lyme dept. at one of the Govt. agencies. Upon his farewell to his collegues as he was stepping down he wrote, I’ll miss all of you, the scientists, but I won’t miss the Lyme loonies!”

Thus began my journey and at almost 4 years later and the first cartoon book on the planet about Lyme disease, I seem to be well emersed in all that comes with Lyme and the controvery!

While I could do without the symptoms which could befall an elephant, I manage to keep drawing in great irony, the wide suffering and the political baggage that has been in the mix for 30-40 years.

You can see our work on Lyme loonies on Facebook, and or you can buy the book at: lymeloonies.com