Dr. Leo Shea

Leo J. Shea III, PhD is Clinical Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at Rusk Institute, a division of the New York University Langone Medical Center. Prior to his present work with tick-borne and immunological disorders, he was Assistant Director of the NYU Brain Injury Day Treatment Program. Apart from his academic and clinical responsibilities at NYU Langone Medical Center, Dr. Shea is also President of Neuropsychological Evaluation and Treatment Services, P.C. with offices in New York City and Quincy, Massachusetts. His practice focuses on tick-borne diseases, traumatic brain injury, chronic illness, trauma and disaster management and provides cognitive remediation and psychotherapy to individuals and families.

Dr. Shea has served as an organizational consultant to national and international corporations on human resources, administrative and executive training and development, trauma response and health care issues. His clients have included both political and public institutions such as the United Nations Development Program.