I Told You It’s Lyme

Hello, my name is Aaron. I write the blog page titled I Told You, It’s Lyme. Fellow warrior and Author of this blog, Linda and I connected and she invited me to guest blog.  So here it is….

I first became sick six years ago with lyme, rocky mountain spotted fever, Babesia, and several viruses. Since then I have learned an immense amount about how our bodies function and what true health is.

Like most Lyme complex patients I had the joint pain, brain fog, memory loss, muscle pain, full body debilitating fatigue, and doctors who just looked confused. They would say something along the lines of “You couldn’t have all of those symptoms; you are way too young to have that much pain.” Because of this, it took a long time to begin treating all of my diseases. The bright side here though, one of these doctors I went to actually became more open to what Lyme really is. This doc is a naturopath, they were not anti-lyme before, I believe they just didn’t know what all lyme was capable of doing. They never became lyme specialists after my visits with them, but they do have a better understanding and they do what they can for any other lyme patients that come up.

Two years after getting so sick I found a doctor who could do something for me. She ran a battery of tests, with a hunch I had a tick borne infection. She turned out to be the beginning of my journey. I tested positive for rocky mountain spotted fever, and the antibiotics began. The year I went to her for treatment she gave me Doxy, IV C, IV rocephin, IV fluconazole, and IV B-complex/magnesium. This finally broke some ground in my ever progressing, ever depressing disease.

After one year with this great doctor, I still had not made significant improvement. She said to me I had exhausted all of her treatments, its time I go to a lyme specialist.

In 2015, I found the doctor that had the power and knowledge to not only save my life, but completely give my life back to me.  I asked around and did all the research I could possibly do on this clinic, for the first time ever I actually had full confidence in a doctor. I made an appointment and I knew that these people would show me the way to build up my broken body.

In the first week of 2016, I left for Kansas to see this doctor. I saw him every day for two weeks. This amazing thing began to happen, symptoms began to diminish. I didn’t even know what to say, this was a totally new experience for me! I had never had a doctor reduce my symptoms (no herx at that!), I had never seen any kind of applied kinesiology in person, and I had never visited such a warm environment.

This was almost like a miracle, I had no idea this sort of treatment/doctor/clinic/results existed.

Okay okay, I’m rambling a little bit. Ill finish up about this doctor and talk about how my life has changed post lyme.

I have visited this clinic three times now, with a total of 4 weeks under my belt. I go back again in around six weeks-possibly for my last full visit.

I no longer have full body debilitating fatigue; bad days still exist but are few and far between. Joint pain is GONE! On rare occasions I may get an ache or pain…but I have to be honest, its usually my fault. I still cannot eat too much junk food and it is still possible for overworking myself. When I went to this clinic I had stage 3 adrenal fatigue-when the adrenals don’t work you feel dead tired. Now I have backed down to stage 1 adrenal fatigue, in only a years’ time. What this means is I will still have bad days because my body is not done healing yet, but waking up in the morning to face life is no longer a tear jerking event.

One of the symptoms that aggravated me was the muscle fatigue and muscle pain. I could not exercise-ever. A few pushup or any simple floor exercise would make me feel like death was imminent. It was so bad, and with all of the pain…fatigue increased tenfold. So overworking my muscles has long been out of the picture. Today I am glad to say I can exercise. I no longer get 100% exhausted by doing 5 minutes of exercise in. There is still room for improvement, but I do not believe I would be where I am today without this clinic. Anyway, enough about finding a doctor.

Before I had gotten sick I didn’t know chronic disease like this existed. I didn’t understand someone could stay sick for so long, without a doctor being able to offer assistance. I had no idea that it was possible to lose friends (and not care) through a ticks bite. Most of all I had no idea America didn’t have one of the best medical systems in existence. I discovered that people actually leave this country to find medical attention. Germany, Switzerland, and even Mexico have treatment options totally non-existent in the United States. Now I am personally grateful I did not have to leave my own home country to get my life back. I can also sympathize with these people who have to visit Germany for medical treatment; you do what you have to do to save yourself. That’s just it-with chronic Lyme disease it is every man for himself.

Empathy is something you can only learn through experience, you cannot wake up one day and understand the impossible. You just can’t. If someone had walked up to me pre-lyme, and asked me what would I say to someone who is so tired they cannot even read their emails-I wouldn’t have anything to say. The only people with extreme symptoms like that, were dying with cancer or something. Nope, I was way off by miles.

I used to trust doctors; I thought they were highly educated people with the ability to heal people. Nope, wrong again. There are plenty of amazing doctors, with a passion for working with people on their healing journey. But I also learned properly prescribed prescriptions are one of the top killers in the United States.  Too many doctors follow a standard guideline for all that they practice, Doctor A may prescribe this drug for this symptom, and if it fails hes going to give you the backup drug. When the backup fails you may try going to doctor B, who wants to do the exact same thing as doctor A. What happened to logic mixed with creativity?? If the standard doesn’t work, look outside the box.

The lesson I learned-If you want outside of the box treatment, you will have to look for it yourself.

I used to think chiropractors were just for pain. I had no idea that chiropractors were so educated in the medical field; heck I had no idea a massage therapist was that highly educated either. Nope, I was wrong here to. The doctor who helped my body function again-chiropractor. I didn’t see that coming. Turns out alternative medicine is just like the conventional medical field. Some doctors just treat a small range of plain bagel symptoms, and others look outside the box and leave everyone else in their dust!

Essential oils aren’t just expensive snake oil bottles. I had several people try to get me to try some oils out early in my journey; I blew them off for a while. Then I tried a couple on occasion, with some happy results but I still didn’t think they were anything special. Well, when my immune system crashed and I was catching the sniffles and whatever else that went around. I discovered something, oregano and peppermint oil made some of these pop up bugs-disappear. I am not saying they cured or treated anything-they aren’t drugs. But they sure did some positive things for me personally.

Today I cannot believe how my life has changed just by getting bitten by a tick. No part of this journey was easy. None of it. Sitting at my computer today, I don’t think I could trade anything in the world for this experience. I am not cured, I am not 100% symptom free, I still have days where I don’t feel great. Let me tell you this though, today I work full time, go to college, I have hobbies, and I have a social life. Pre-lyme treatment, I tried my absolute best to avoid human contact, my hobbies felt like slave labor, school was horrible, and working wasn’t even a question.

I am so grateful that there was a light at the end of the tunnel for me. I know people who visited my doctor and had the same confidence I had. But it wasn’t what they needed, so they didn’t have the leaps and strides I had. The biggest thing I learned about the entire medical society and living as a professional patient, even the best treatment will fail at least on person at some point in time. Chronic disease is a mental, physical, biological, spiritual, social, and emotional experience. If any of these subjects go unaddressed, chances are the patient will backslide or not improve. Everyone is different.

Thank you so much Linda for allowing me to guest blog for you. I would like to extend the same invitation to you to write a blog for my page-http://itoldyouitslyme.blogspot.com/

For any questions on writing on my blog, essential oils, personal lyme experience, or you would just like to share your story with someone who can understand the life of a lymie-please email me at any time itislyme@gmail.com.


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