Lyme Suicide Awareness – Addy & Allie

My heart broke every time I read the posts on my Lyme Disease support group pages.  As the membership numbers kept rising, I saw the same story over and over and over.  “My family doesn’t get it.” “My friends have moved on.’ “The Dr. made me feel like I was crazy.” “We are going bankrupt.”  The worst, though  was seeing, “she gave up.”

In the darkest days that come with chronic lyme, come the even darker thoughts of suicide.  I had plenty of those days.  I made it my mission to find a way to articulate the misery of living with lyme to those in the non-lyme nation.  I thought about the movies “Philadelphia” and “Dallas Buyers Club” and how they portrayed the AIDS crisis. I decided we need a Lyme Story,  so I wrote Addy & Allie – a three act stage play.  It contains adult language and themes, and is not recommended for children under 17.  It is a way for adults to gain a fast education and deeper compassion for the suffering.

Linda Osborn – Activist

Addy & Allie is both an educational and fund raising opportunity.

Click here for a synopsis or the play.

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