Members of Our Lyme Nation

There are people all over the globe devoting their time and energy to improve the outcome of the epidemic of lyme and associated insect-vectored diseases.  These are the individuals with whom I’ve had the honor of collaborating and/or communicating to raise awareness of lyme suicide.

If you have a story to share, an Angel to honor, or would just like to be represented here,  complete the contact form.  There is no cost involved.  Share your voice.


Irwin J. Breslauer – Lyme Angel

Roberta Ann (McKnight) Breslauer – Lyme Angel

Artists, Musicians, Photographers, Bloggers, Film Producers

Terri Fevang – CMP

Ren Gill – Musician & Survivor

Winslow Murdoch – Producer & Survivor – The Lyme Trials

Vicky Novinsky – AKA Miss Diagnoses – Cartoonist

Alec Palumbo – 5 Dice Productions

Lyme Voice – Aaron and Sarah Sanchez

Sleepy Girl – Blogger “How to Get On”

Julie Starling – Wild Dingo

Tim Sullivan – Underwater Photographer/Videographer


Lori Dennis, MA  Lyme Madness

Dr. Kenneth Liegner – Author of The Crucible of Chronic Lyme Disease

Jenny Rush – Chronic Illness as an Access to Quantum Healing

David Skidmore – Cartoonist Lyme Loonies

Organizations & Leaders

Angelica Johansson President of the Lyme disease & TBEV association Sweden

Charles E. Holman Foundation

CPA – A Fellowship for those with chronic pain and illness.

Focus on Lyme Foundation 

Lauren Zalewski – Gratitude Addict

Lyme Warrior

My Lyme Data 

Physicians & Healthcare Professionals

Nancy Baumgartner LSW

Dr. Robert Bransfield

Dr. Lesley Fein

Dr. Rosalie Greenberg

Dr. Kenneth Liegner – Author of The Crucible of Chronic Lyme Disease

Dr. Leo Shea

Political Activists & Legislative Influencers

Geo Chalker – Our Revolution NJ Volunteers

Peter Jacob LSW

Jenna Luche’-Thayer -Activist & Speaker

Linda Osborn – Activist, Blogger & Survivor – Founder of Our Lyme Nation

Research Scientists & Health Care Pioneers

Helen McCormack

Jillouise Breslauer Survivor

William Spear – Global Business Advocate

Roxanne Brazina – Lyme Activist

Stacy Evans – Sales Manager Vivint Solar