Synopsis – Addy & Allie


Addy & Allie is a drama about two middle aged mothers navigating the complexities of life while stricken with chronic Lyme Disease (Multiple Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome) – a controversial but rapidly growing infectious epidemic.

In a desperate search for someone that can relate to their suffering, Addy and Allie turn to an on line support group for comfort and advice. The two women (one from Florida the other from NJ) meet on-line and become BFFs.  Sadly, distance and illness never permits them to meet in person.

Addy and Allie presents the world of MSIDS from opposing life environments.  It loudly punctuates how society’s perception of MSIDS, personal finances and family support profoundly impact treatment and recovery.

Addy is married, financially stable and has the support of her family.  Because she can afford medical care outside her insurance network, she sees an Lyme Literate Medical Doctor willing to treat her with long term antibiotics and homeopathic solutions.  Allie on the other hand, is divorced, taking care of her mother who is suffering from dementia and gets no support from her brother or ex-husband.

Together these woman wrestle constant illness which, overwhelming in its own right, still takes the back seat to the everyday stress of being sandwiched between aging parents and children.