William Spear

Bill is a Global Business Advocate in the Office of International Business Development & Protocol for the State of NJ.  The primary objective of the Office of International Business Development and Protocol is to grow New Jersey jobs through these three activities:

  1. Facilitating international sales opportunities for New Jersey companies.
  2. Attracting investment into the State.
  3. Expanding relationships with governments and officials from around the world.

Office of International Business Development and Protocol; State of New Jersey Department of State

Bill is also a creative writer and owner of Two Plus Two Productions.

Two Plus Plus Productions LLC is an entertainment company focusing on audio programming. Drawing upon literary and contemporary sources, we create characters and stories unique to sound.

Our business development services provide consulting and development resources for expanding properties beyond their original media.

We are also the Publisher and Editor of Lit Between the Ears – Celebrating the Power and People of Dramatic Audio. The publication may be found at http://Lit.TwoPlusPlus.com/ .

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Specialties:-Creating dramatic stories; -Creating ensemble collaborations; -Directing and producing; -Working with writers; -Working with directors; -Educating on the craft of audio drama.